Greetings to all members of our Songahm family,


It is a big honor to announce to you that the first weekend of May 2014, Grand Master In Ho Lee will be attending the European Leadership Camp. We hope you will be there to join in the trainings offered by various seniors from Europe and the United States.


The story of  European Leadership

Songahm Taekwondo in Europe is growing up fast.

Before 2007 seeds were planted and the first day of growth was starting. Only the beauty of the sunrise was seen rather than its immense power.

At the first ELC in 2007, the first European leaders started to see the sunlight. That sunlight spread out across the European network in 2008. And we have been fighting or way up since then, growing more mature and facing the mountains of opening full time schools.

Inspired by the Masters and a few leading examples, we now have fulltime commercial schools in 4 European countries, paving the way for further growth. Euro
pe has conquered the mountain and is now reaching for the sky.

So I invite you to STEP UP and reach for the sky, to solidify our knowledge by rooting it deeply in the earth. The end of the first day of growth is coming. So STEP UP with us at the ELC 2014 and prepare

for a new dawn!

Let’s make it possible:


This website will provide you with the latest information as it becomes available. So please keep checking in regularly and prepare yourselfs for some great trainings at the ELC 2014 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Special Guests

Join for the ELC 2014 to meet with all the European Seniors who are spreading the art of Songahm across Europe. And of course with our special guests from across the Atlantic:

Grand Master In Ho Lee – 9BD


Chief Master Todd Droege – 8BD


Senior Master Rick Abair – 7BD


Prof. Jude Grayson – 5BD



Participants of the ELC are to book their own accomodation. To make it easy for you to choose between the various places to stay in Rotterdam we suggest 4 possibilities. These are all chosen because of the variation in price and service level while all being in walking distance of both training locations the center of Rotterdam.

  • Option 1: Hotel Rotterdam

Please make sure to specifically ask for a non-smoking room on the backside of the hotel.


  • Option 2:  Hotel Eden Savoy

This is the hotel where the Masters will be staying.


  • Option 3: StayOkay Hostel Rotterdam

This hostel was well appreciated by most attending the ELC 2011. Group reservations are unfortunately no longer supported by favorable prices, but individual bookings are still possible at reasonable prices.


  • Option 4: Hostel De Mafkees

For those wanting to travel as low budget as possible, this hostel provides a bed in a big dorm for as little as € 12,50 a night, INCLUDING breakfast!



Depending on where you are travelling from you can either book a flight to Amsterdam or to Rotterdam. If you are flying on Amsterdam, hop on a train to Rotterdam Central Station where we will pick you up to further guide you to your accommodation. If you are flying on Rotterdam, we will arrange a pick up at the airport.



More information about the program will be available here soon. The outline of the camp will be much like the ELC 2013 in Spain and the Elite Training Camp 2013 in Portugal. This means the day is divided in several blocks with seminars by different instructors. The following seminars are confirmed:

  • Instructor training under the supervision of Senior Master Rick Abair and his team.
  • Oh Sung Do: 2 Seminars in which Mr. Jude Grayson will teach this exiciting weapon to blackbelts and colorbelts alike.
  • Traditional Form training
  • Sparring
  • Black Belt Testing.
  • European Tournament for all ranks on Saturday May 3.

For School Owners, there will be a special workout with Grand Master on Wednesday 30th of April. They will be training directly under Grand Master who will share his vision on the development of Songahm Taekwondo in Europe.



Registration forms can be downloaded here .

Registrations are made through the European School Owners, you can hand over your filled out registration form to your Instructor. Sooner is better!


Please contact your instructor for more information. Or, if you are unable to register through your instructor, send an email to



Schoolowners will receive a worksheet  by email to deal with all the registrations in an efficient way. If you are a schoolowner and have not received this worksheet by January 25th, please contact the event organization at the email adress below.


Black Belt Testings

It is time to get excited about the Black Belt Belt Testing at the ELC 2014. Be sure not to miss this spectacular show of some of the most advanced Songahm practitioners in Europe!

For this year’s ELC the following Black Belt testings are confirmed, (and it is still early so get ready to see the list grow!):


Prof. Pedro Tânger, Portugal, 4BD testing for 5BD


Ms. Teresa Guedes, Portugal, 3BD testing for 4BD


Mr. Ragnar Wernersson, Sweden, 3BD testing for 4BD


Mr. Daniel Carlsson, Sweden, 4BD Midterming


Mr. Martijn Ooms, Netherlands, 3BD Midterming


Mr. Jasper Jelsma, Netherlands, 2BD testing for 3BD